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Our Story

Our Story

Since 1976 when Jonny produced his first guitar, he has held onto his original aspirations: “to practise the craft of hand building instruments to the highest standard attainable, producing guitars that are a joy to play, sound exquisite, are totally reliable and with a tone that continues to mature with age.”

Jonny always endeavours to ensure that the finished product surpasses all expectations. Over the many years Jonny has refined a very special skill of translating the sound the musician holds in their head. Most notably of all, Kinkade guitars become imbued with the character and soul of both their creator and their player, which is exactly why Jonny’s customers return for their next guitar, again and again.

Kinkade Clifton Custom Cutaway

Our Guitars

All Kinkade instruments are only constructed from solid, premium grade timbers known for their tonality, strength and beauty.

Soundboards are constructed from Sitka Spruce. Other options include European Spruce, Engleman Spruce and occasionally Western Red Cedar.

Materials for backs and sides are mostly Brazilian Mahogany, Indian Rosewood, Walnut or figured Maple/Sycamore. Koa, and Tasmanian Blackwood can be used, depending on availability.

Most guitar necks are constructed from Mahogany and have adjustable trussrods, soundhole accessible whenever possible.

A unique feature of Kinkade guitars is their solid wood scratch plate – usually a thin slice of walnut on flat top models, as it is light and durable.

Kingsdown Classic

  • The Kingsdown Classic
    a refined classic
  • Kingsdown Classic

Kingsdown Deluxe

  • The Kingsdown Deluxe
    beautiful in every way
  • Kingsdown Deluxe


  • The Clifton
    powerful and stunning
  • Clifton


  • The Dreadnought
    traditional and individual
  • Dreadnought


  • The Woodspring
    portable and compact
  • Woodspring

Model 'P'

  • The Model 'P'
    radical but balanced
  • Model 'P'


  • The Cabot
    portable and traditional
  • Cabot


  • The Westbury
    elegant and pure
  • Westbury

Acoustic Bass

  • The Acoustic Bass
    deep and refined
  • Acoustic Bass

Cubist Braque

  • The Cubist Braque
    unique and artistic
  • Cubist Braque


  • The Cutaways
    practical and unrestricted
  • Cutaways

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